The Prevention Panel is a Holistic Analysis for Personalized Prevention with the Genetics, Epigenetics
and Biological Age results obtained with a simple test.

What makes Laularmed Prevention Panel different from any other DNA test?

Health + Prevention

An individualized concept for your healthy aging, for the first time, we analyze the combination of epigenetic and telomere markers together with inflammation and DNA stability results.

With this test method, problems can be detected analytically at an early stage and thus preventive
interventions can be applied to optimize health and slow the aging process.

It is a mixture of different genetical sequences and parts of our DNA concerning genetical risk factors, showing also what kind of metabolic type we are, how we can behave concerning our diet, what kind of different food we need, our skin type, neurological damages as well for finding out how we can influence with sports our body weight and muscle mass.

  • 1. Metabolic Health Panel

    Through genetics.

  • 2. Healthy Aging Panel

    To control the epigenetic damages.

  • 3. Skin Repair Panel

    Through genetics, individualized results.

  • 4. Epstein-Barr micro-RNA measurement

    Through epigenetics.

  • 5. Stress monitor panel - through epigenetics

    Through epigenetics.

  • 6. Covid-19 V-Repair damages

    Through epigenetics to see existing risk factors and what future risk factors viruses like Covid-19 and EBV can cause in our system.

  • 7. Healthy Sports Panel Plus

    Through genetics and epigenetics.

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Metabolic Prevention Panel

We can see over these genetical sequencies different genetical risk factors for diabetes, obesity, high
blood pressure and how we can build anti-inflammatory factors, like omegas, how we can build
vitamins for the protection of cells and cell membranes, how we can build antioxidants, what genetical disposition we have for high cholesterol, hypertension.

We can also see the disposition for diseases of the intestines and skin as well as how the digestive
processes are concerning a development of IBS, inflammatory bowel diseases as well as problems with hydration of skin, wrinkles, sun influence, deterioration of collagen, building of antioxidants in the skin.

All these problems, like hydration, antioxidants, as well as wound healing problems, accumulation of inflammation, as well as the tendency for ulcers in the intestines are covered by these snips. We are using more than 30 snips for that. This is only a part of the Prevention Panel, called Metabolic Panel.

Gene regulation is influenced by DNA methylation, among other things. The binding of small molecules in the methylation group of DNA can turn genes on and off. The epigenetic markers are working as predictive biomarkers, not only for weight loss, but also for inflammation, accumulation of body weight, accumulation of toxins, building and accumulating bad fat layers. They can help to explain and
predict individual differences concerning weight loss with corresponding energy restrictions. Or they can give us a hint about our future risk factors concerning inflammatory diseases as well as some
problems which we can develop through the viruses.

Healthy Aging Panel

Epigenetic measurements
The second main component of the Prevention Panel is what we are calling Healthy Ageing Panel.
The Healthy Ageing Panel is using epigenetics. It has nothing to do with genetics and snips.
In this panel we are ifferentiating the telomere length. As you know, the ends of the human
chromosomes are protected and stabilized by distinct DNA sequences, the so-called telomeres. With each cell division some base pairs of the telomere structures get lost and thus the length of the telomeres is correlated with an individual age. These telomeres we can influence with specific supplements as well as with sports, nutrition, etc.

a.) Epigenetic ageing markers through methylation - this is included in this panel as well. This analysis of methylation of strictly age-related genes is an established marker for the assessment of the biological gene age, which we can show over the methylation level of these genes, compared to an age and gender match control group.

b.) Epigenetic inflammation markers:
The measured inflammatory markers mainly concern metabolic related inflammation, non-acute inflammatory processes. Reduced methylation compared to the reference group means a higher activity of metabolic inflammatory factors. Low-grade metabolic related inflammation is a key mechanism of ageing. Increased metabolic related inflammation levels lead to symptoms of old ageing. The genes TNF-alpha and IL6 regulate inflammatory responses.

A follow-up of the epigenetic damages is called Healthy Aging Panel. With this Panel we are measuring the telomeres to see how we could change the protection of the genetical material, and the biological age compared to before. We are measuring, like in the Healthy Ageing Panel, all these parameters as a kind of follow-up after therapies.

Skin Repair Panel

For patients who only want to know about how to optimize the skin as a protecting layer from outside we can do the Skin Repair Panel to detect damages through our genetics, for which we are using 5 genetical sequencies. Based on this knowledge we can produce an individualized crème – as we are doing already – which is a completely biological and tailormade, which helps to treat cases of eczema, rosacea, acne, allergic skin reactions, hypersensitive skin.

We can make an advanced panel for the skin using some of the epigenetic markers concerning
damages through viruses, like corona – what is coming up now. Means, we combine the Skin Repair Panel plus 3 or 4 epigenetic markers to adapt the crème in an optimal way. The size of one crème package will last for around three months. We make body lotions, we are doing individualized tailormade face crèmes, eye crèmes as well as some eye lotions.

Epstein-Barr micro-RNA measurement

The fourth component included in the Prevention Panel is an Epstein-Barr micro-RNA measurement. Epstein-Barr virus is involved in a lot of diseases, like autoimmune diseases, cancer, irritable bowel disease, inflammatory diseases. We can measure micro-RNA (pieces of EBV) as future risk factors for
- dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s (neurodegenerative diseases)
- autoimmune diseases
- acute Epstein-Barr problems
- chronical inflammatory problems for the future
- colorectal cancer – future risk factors
- disturbance in the differentiation of immune cells and immune response

Stress Monitor Panel – Neurological panel

Beside that we have a Stress Monitor Panel or neurological panel, where we measure epigenetics as well concerning the damage of the nervous system, which has a huge relevance nowadays in times of
Covid-19 because we know that corona virus can damage nerves concerning the myelin sheaths, what are the protecting layers around the nerves, and concerning the ability of the nerves to transport information. These epigenetic markers are measured in the Stress Monitor Panel and out of this we can draw the conclusion how the nervous system of the patient is chronically damaged or how he
might develop in the future any kind of risk for neurodegenerative diseases and how is the risk future factor for keeping these diseases.

Covid-19 V-Repair damages

Another epigenetic measurement panel what we have is called V-Repair.
This is the most advanced panel, which nobody else worldwide is doing concerning the measuring of micro-RNAs of corona virus as well as Epstein-Barr virus, which are influencing the following:
- Immune system: how cells can develop, what kind of products they are building
- Cytokine measurements concerning inflammation markers, future risk factors for
inflammation, Immune answers, product of the immune cells.
- Risk factors for developing heart problems through Covid-19 and lung problems
- Problems through developing neurodegenerative diseases and actual measurement of
damages which both viruses, mainly corona, did to our nervous system.

Healthy Sports Panel Plus

And we can offer for sportsmen as an extra: the Healthy Sports Panel Plus, which includes genetical measurements as to how we can optimize the performance of sportsmen and the Healthy Sports Panel
Plus has also some epigenetic measurements to see what kind of inflammatory risk factors the client has, and we can optimize – without doping – the performance of professional sportsmen.
- Genetics: They never change.
- Epigenetics: Epigenetics are changeable – this are influences from in- and outside through
viruses, environment, chemicals, stress, irradiation, etc., which can switch our genes on and
- Snips: genetical sequencies
- Cytokine measurements: concerning inflammation markers, future risk factors for
inflammation, Immune answers, product of the immune cells.

How to use the Prevention Panel

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