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Activ Detox

Activ Detox

Activ Detox is a science-based combination of antioxidants, botanicals and nutrients that support deep detoxification. The formula is based on traditional Tibetan, Chinese and Western herbalism practices.
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Laularmed is offering you an
extraordinary individualized concept for prevention, beauty and antiaging.

It's based on ‎individual tests where we look at the biological age, genetical age as well as enviromental triggers, which can influence abnormal aging of our skin body and mental capacity. 

We check hormones, immune function and metabolism as well as allergic tendencies.

In this way, we can detect risks for chronicle internal diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc. 

So we can optimize "inner health and beauty" and we combine it with ‎on the testing based on detox therapies locally for skin as well as regenerative therapies to reduce abnormal aging of cells for "outer beauty"

For that, we have specialists on our team like dermatologists, cosmeticians, nutritionists ‎as well as hormone specialists.

Depending on the results we offer inner and outer detox therapies, optimizing hormones and metabolic processes over local therapies like advanced hydrafacial, LPG, creams and individual-based nutrients in the form of supplements for the immune system, improving
brain activity and ‎hormonal activity to reduce the risk of faster aging of the skin, brain and body.

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